Offroading/Mudding (Sort-Of) Near Julia'a

I tagged along with a GMC Sierra 1500 with my ’06 Nissan Titan for a bit of offroading. We drove around King Fahad Highway until we found a good spot to get our trucks dirty. It was nearby Julia just before what I think is a military base (Could be mistaken). Our main objective was to go out for some photography, so we did not want to get far. It’s just a desert with a bunch of people setting up their camps and there is some space before the camps to start mudding around and snap a couple of pictures. Although there are better places to go around mudding and offroading and such, we decided it would be good to stay nearby the highway in case we get stuck or in trouble. It was raining the day before so the ground was pretty muddy. Exactly what we needed! We took a decent number of pictures before we headed back, and here’s some pictures from the trip for your viewing:  






The Aftermath: (Cost me 15 K.D just clean my truck from it’s mess!)





5 responses to “Offroading/Mudding (Sort-Of) Near Julia'a

  1. Your truck is looking good! Bs 15KD to get it cleaned! I think thats alittle too much! You should be paying around the 7 mark!

    • To be fair, we were done at 9, and most places wouldn’t take it in because it was an absolute MESS. Like mud everywhere, even in the interior! They spent 2 hours cleaning it thoroughly. My cousin paid that amount for his truck because it wasn’t as dirty as mine. But let’s not forget that my truck also happens to be pretty huge since it has a 6 Inch Lift installed 😂

  2. Were you mudding with your windows wide open? :p
    If you really like offroading go to Subyah desert now! That place is superb! Julia… Bnaider… Khiran… Are all a joke when you compare them to Subyah, especially when it rains! Go hard or go home buddy! Your doing it right👍👌

    • I would go, but I can’t at the moment. My shocks are in pretty bad condition, so I need to get them replaced. Hopefully FOX shocks are going to be my new replacement sometime soon 🙂

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